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Top 8 Summer Holiday Destinations in Asia

Summertime is around the corner and this is the right moment to start planning on the best places to spend the summer holidays. Asia is ranked among the cheapest destinations to visit during the summer. Asia has some of the most breathtaking destinations that give a tourist a very great experience. The weather in Asia at this time of the year is very conducive to relaxing your mind.

The following are the some of the best destinations in Asia:

1. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the biggest city in Taiwan that has a mix of modern and traditional setting. The people in Taiwan are very friendly and it has been known over time as the city of smiles. Chinese cuisine lovers need to visit this city as it has the best Chinese dishes.


2. Seoul, South Korea

It is among fascinating destinations in Asia. Tourists find it interesting carrying out sightseeing activities, for example, visiting Changdeok Palace which is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has wonderful restaurants and the nightlife is amazing. There are five-star hotels that offer accommodation to tourists.

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