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Top 6 Romantic Places to Escape in Europe

Europe is a continent synonymous with romance right from good old days of the classic Romeo and Juliet love story. This is the reason why euro destinations are the most sort romantic destination in the old for couples looking to experience the basics of romance. Europe has everything to offer when it comes to romantic experience. Historical sites, romantic restaurants with dinner for two, destinations for romantic walks and fascinating architectural work. Whether a couple wants to go for a honeymoon or they want to rekindle their love Europe is the most sought romantic destination in the world. Euro travel is always an exciting experience so take the time to experience amazing destinations. Top 6 Romantic Places to Escape in Europe.

Experience the following romantic European destinations:

1. Paris, France

This French capital has a lot of offer in terms of romance that is why it is popularly known as the city of romance.

The romantic side: Paris has exquisite French restaurant where couples can enjoy romantic dinner for two. Romantic walks along river Seine holding a hand. Magnificent view of the popular Eiffel tower which shines at night and even proposal at the tower top. Paris has an iconic historical museum that couples can visit. Fashion and shopping are another unique aspect of Paris and couples and shop for clothes and all fashion accessories.

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