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Top 3 Reasons Why European Food Is The Best

I love food, and Europeans make most of my favorites. The fact is, Europeans have always focused on quality more than quantity. That’s why other countries don’t have “American restaurants” even though they may have some of the fast food chains. Meanwhile in the US, if you are taking your significant other out for a nice meal, you are probably heading to a French or Italian restaurant. What are some of the best thing about European foods? Top 3 Reasons Why European Food Is The Best.

1. Dairy Products

For one thing, Europeans appreciate the value of dairy products. Not the processed stuff you end up with on a burger, but real cheese and butter too. High-quality butter can turn just about anything into a delicacy. Real cheese is the perfect addition to many main courses and side dishes. Whether it is a baguette or a plate of pasta, the quality of the dairy products, and the fashion in which they are used can really make the meal.

2. Fresh Spices

Europeans also treasure their fresh spices. Dried or frozen spices can be used in a pinch, but if you really want a full flavor meal, you need to have fresh spices to add. I don’t know if there is anything I like more than a pasta sauce with just the right amount of fresh basil. But you can take that same spice and put it over some lightly breaded eggplant with a little grated mozzarella and create another masterpiece. The versatile ways spices are used are inspiring.

3. Simple

Don’t get me wrong, European meals can be simple too. Take for example the classic dish, corned beef, and cabbage. It’s one of my favorites. In the US they do a handheld version – a hot dog with sauerkraut. Can you see why I prefer the taste combinations in even simple European foods?

Now I realize that France, Italy, and Ireland don’t make up the whole of Europe. These were just a few examples of the way Europeans approach food and cooking that I appreciate. Here’s one more thing: Courses. I love the idea of something light to get your palate ready, rather than something that resembles an entire meal. An entree should be the main course, not a plate of halved potatoes stuffed to the brim with cheese and bacon. Desserts in Europe are rich, so instead of being massive, they are often small but immensely satisfying. There is not a comparison between gelato and your average ice cream. Top 3 Reasons Why European Food Is The Best.

Yes, Europeans know their food, and for that I am grateful.

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