The Top 5 Places you Must Visit in South America

3. Laz Paz, Bolivia

For the artistic mind, this is a great tourist destination that is filled with color creativity and fun. The Laz Paz comprises of houses that are painted in different colors and even though it is among the most populous cities in Bolivia, it offers a great shopping experience at their market and while here, you can also enjoy the great altitude which is their primary marketing point on a mountain bike.

4. The Amazon, Peru

This is among the places that most tourists might not really want to consider where you are going to especially because of the stories that have been aired in different movies. However, things like a canopy walk, nature walks, and animal sites can be quite irresistible and possibly the reason why the Amazon should be a must visit anytime you are in South America.

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  • Only a fool would travel on the death road in Bolivia. The Galapagos, while beautiful and interesting, is a financial rip-off for those who travel there. The quality of tourism in South America should dictate LOW prices, NOT HIGHER than the rest of the world. There is almost NO rail travel possible, and one can forget about high-speed trains. Unsafe buses are everywhere, grossly uncomfortable, and involved in frequent accidents. Air travel and other costs are second only to Africa, the most rip-off tourist area in the world.

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