Essential Tips for Traveling as a Couple

Dedicated to couples traveling. A list of travel rules that everyone traveling with a partner should consider following. These travel tips for couples are intended to be short and vitally important for an enjoyable couples vacation. Remember, everyone’s circumstances are different, and only you know your relationship best, so add additional travel tips when necessary. Essential Tips for Traveling as a Couple.

5 Travel tips to always do:

  1. Agree on the financial details of your trip before booking anything.
  2. Expect some disagreements, compromise is part of being a couple.
  3. Discuss travel styles and preferences, particularly on trips longer than 5-days.
  4. Plan on having or scheduling some personal time during long-term travel.
  5. Share responsibilities, be a good travel partner

5 Travel tips to never do:

  1. Plan a trip “to make things better” during difficult relationship times.
  2. Expect something is going to happen that hasn’t been communicated. Example, assume he is going to propose.
  3. Invite friends or family without consulting your partner.
  4. Take your partner for granted or expect them to do all the planning and work even if they are better at it.
  5. Separate from each other if you get lost.

Essential Tips for Traveling as a Couple.

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