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7 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Canada

To all, you Canadians out there, tell me what your number one city is in Canada? Now, this can vary in how you categorize it, but as far as backpacking and sightseeing go, what is your favorite place? 7 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Canada.

I am one of those backpackers who probably traveled more in different countries rather than my own. Considering how much I love traveling you would think I would have seen more of Canada, but I haven’t. I think the number one reason for this is due to how expensive and far everything is. Finding a flight from Toronto to Vancouver that is below $600-700 is not likely. Plus getting to places within Canada does not take hours it takes days or weeks. Although there are many places in Canada that I still want to see.

Here is my list of a few of Canada’s highlights.

1. Prince Edward Island

A place really to relax and gets that feeling of going back in time is P.E.I. The green pastures and the cliffs filled with red-soil with the sea breeze in your face is something you wish you could see and do every day. With the small town, feeling and local people chatting around you is nothing like you will experience in a big city.

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