5 Great Tips for Travel Around the US

2. Don’t Make Jokes at With The Airport Security

Most international airports do not take jokes lightly but those in the US have taken their dislike for humor to another level. You could be detained for hours while background checks are being made and your luggage being perused because of making a joke. You have to be careful f what you say since the guys at the Transport Security Administration take their jobs extra seriously.

3. Stack Up Dollars For Tips

In America, tipping is an inescapable way of life and hence you have to prepare yourself to tip. It is presumed that tipping forms a large proportion of the minimum wage earners not to mention that this also helps to boost service delivery as well as its quality. Also, note that some of the restaurants will add a gratuity to your bill in order to make sure that you tip. This is why you have to make sure you have some money for tipping and not just at restaurants but also the bus driver, the doorman and a variety of other kinds of employees.

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