4 The Best Places In Europe To Go As A Food Lover

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Home to Noma, recently named the world’s top restaurant, Copenhagen is quickly becoming a top foodie destination. If you don’t manage to score a table at Noma, you can try a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich at Aamanns, sample local oysters at Fiskeman, or have a simple hot dog at Døp, which has been voted by Copenhagen residents as their favorite place to eat in the city.

3. Bologna, Italy

With Italy’s gastronomic diversity and the importance the culture places on food, you can find culinary heaven in any corner of the country. However, with its plethora of cooking schools and culinary institutes, Bologna is a known even within Italy for its delicious food. The home of the well-known Bolognese sauce, Bologna is also known for cured meats and cheeses, as well as many innovative dishes using high-quality ingredients. For authentic local dishes, you can try Trattoria Del Rosso, which also has a cooking school attached.

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